Regular weekly programs

We run a number of regular weekly programs as detailed below. All are completely free and open to the public. Anyone is welcome to join and participate, regardless of religious/spiritual affiliation or non-affiliation, location, gender etc. All programs are run in our center, and available for online participation via live and recorded podcasts and videocasts.

Please email if you require further details or have trouble connecting.

Majlis al Dhikr - مجلس الذكر

Remembrance Circles

Majlis al Dhikr

We gather on Thursday nights (which is the night of Friday ‘laylat al jummu’ah’ - ليلة الجمعة by the Islamic cosmological calendar), to sit in a circle of remembrance or ‘dhikr’. We recite the sacred Divine names, and recitations of salutations upon the prophet, peace be upon him. The formulae chosen for these recitations is unique and carries a special spiritual weight, that when completed as prescribed, impacts the heart and the psyche in a specific way designed to raise the consciousness and free the mind of earthly shackles.

The dhikr may be completed on one’s own, but it is highly recommended to do so in a group setting, aloud, and preferably along with Shaykha or her designated deputee.

The dhikr formulae book is provided to all participants. We encourage you to get in touch with us if you do not have the book.

Khatm Al Quran - ختم القران

Sealing of the Quran recitation

Khatm al Quran

We revive the prophetic tradition of ‘sealing the Quranic recitation’, a foundational spiritual practice in Islamic communities from the very first times. Here we gather together and complete reciting the Quran in its sacred Arabic form, from cover to cover. We do this as a global family – blessed to have Irfaa members from Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America join together. Once recited, we ‘seal’ it with a gathering of prayer. Praying upon the completion of the Quran is a powerful means to attain closeness with the Divine, bring blessing and healing into one’s life, family and home. The prophet, peace be upon him, taught us that for any person even sitting in the gathering of the ‘khatm al Quran’, God will reward him or her as if they have recited the Quran in its entirety on their own.

In order to spread the blessing as much as we can from this blessed event, we have opened it to anyone who wishes to join, so do not hesitate if you do not know Arabic, or your recitation is poor. We are all one family and those of us who know more work for those who know less.

The sign up sheet for the recitation is available here.

Saturday knowledge class

Saturday knowledge class

Saturday at 10 AM local time, Dr. Farah Zahir provides a free class on Islamic knowledge, focused on Quranic exegesis. While the classes may follow a certain course, they can be joined as stand-alone classes at well, as each is self-contained. Currently completed classes include exegeses on Surah Maryam, Surah Anbiya, Surah Luqman and others.

Knowledge and Remembrance go hand in hand as powerful means for spiritual elevation and strengthening the consciousness. The Quran, as the most recent and the best preserved, of a long line of Divine revelations (of which is included, the Gospels, the Torah, and other texts such as possibly the Vedas, the Grantas, the Dao, and orally preserved knowledge among native peoples), provides the freshest and most complete roadmap to spiritual elevation.

Understanding the spiritual aspect of Quranic teaching is a rare science, requiring much devotion to attain. Shaykah combines all her years of travel seeking knowledge in traditional sources, study, and contemplation, to offer these lessons, insights and interpretation. Such knowledge is usually taught in select circles, often in remote places. But we are living in extraordinary times, and providing access using modern technology is our effort to spread this priceless knowledge as much as possible.

While the classes are made available online, they are not publicly available. So please email us if you want access.

Special Workshops and Events

Special Workshops and Events

In addition to the above regular programs, we also host special workshops. These are focused on a certain topic and are made available via various media.

Our workshop series ‘Illumined Way’ – a live interactive online day of learning focused on teachings from the upcoming book on Islamic Cosmology that Dr. Zahir is currently writing.

The Qabas book launch event – introducing, reading from and sharing, from the four volume book series ‘Qabas’ that was recently published. A series of didactic and reflective verse that connects the reader to the One Divine, in healing and elevating ways.

Special workshops and events require registration to join.

Recordings of previous events may be purchased by contacting us. Email us.

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