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There are numerous ways to help - in person or online. We need volunteer help with website and audio-video help. We require help to typeset and publish books. We rely on our volunteers who are an invaluable resource. So please write to admin@irfaa.ca if you can spare some time to help in our cause. We would love to hear from you.

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Live a peaceful purposeful life. Attend knowledge classes and circles of remembrance (dhikr majlis) in person and online. Join with fellow seekers in an atmosphere of peace and purposeful living. Learn spiritual practices of mindfulness, presence, connection with the One Divine, and harmonizing with the natural world. Make your life one of lived connection.

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Consider gifting your financial help to assist us bear costs regards our online and physical presence. We need equipment, and technical help. Consider becoming a monthly donor, so we can streamline our services better. Please write to us for more information.


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