Learn with Irfa'a Foundation

“This is essential knowledge…your PhDs and MDs and CFAs and trades and everything else is useful knowledge. Useful knowledge you need to live in the mulk (the sensory world - this existence and the known universe). But spiritual knowledge – knowing who you are, where you came from, where you are going, the seven realms and multiple dimensions of existence, knowing the source and your past. That is essential knowledge. It is what will enable you to thrive in this existence, and enable you to journey successfully in the next”
~ Dr. Farah Zahir

Below you will find some of the many ways you
can continue learning with Irfaa Foundation.

1. Saturday Classes:

These are weekly classes on sacred knowledge and Quranic exegesis offered by Dr. Farah Zahir, available online and in-person. They are completely free. More information is available on our join and connect pages.

2. Lecture Series:

Concluded series are available for purchase as online access or DVD of video and audio lectures. Please contact us for access and pricing details. A selection of currently available series are given below. We will update this website with new series as they become available;

a. The Gift – The Sign – The Word:

Quranic exegesis (tafseer) on Surah Maryam and Ali’ Imran, dealing with the story of the birth of the blessed messiah Jesus, prophet Isa, peace be upon me. Explaining the gift, the sign and the word, that is written upon each of our destinies. Multi week series. Video recordings of classes available.

b. Commentary on Du’a Nasiri:

The Du’a Nasiri is the famed 17th century prayer recited in the ‘maghreb’, the western Muslim lands prior to colonization, in what is present day Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. Muslims would gather in the mosques to recite this powerful prayer asking God to help them defend their lands against the invading French/Italian colonialists. It is said this prayer would instill so much fear, that the French would ban it from being recited where ever they had control. The prayer is famed for containing a well balanced understanding of God’s beautiful and majestic qualities. It also contains spiritual secrets denoted by the sacred letters ’ن,ق,ص‘ which Dr. Zahir elaborates on. This covers exegesis of three powerful chapters in the Quran, each which begin with the above sacred letters.

The series is available as a seven-part video recording.

c. Commentary on the accession of the prophet Muhammed, peace be upon him:

Reading of Muhammed al Alawi al Maliki's 'al Anwar al Bahiyya min isra' wa mi'raj khayr al Bariyya' - The resplendent lights of the rapture and ascension of the best of creation, with commentary and explanation. Audio recording only.

d. Commentary on Aqeeda Tahawiyya:

This short text written by Imam Tahawi (God’s mercy upon him) over 1200 years ago, is a foundational text in Islamic creed or beliefs. It is an essential foundational book that every seeker who wishes to gain closeness to the One Divine must read. However, the book is difficult and must be read with a qualified teacher. This is a recorded of a multi-week series of classes where Dr. Zahir explains this powerful yet short credo.

e. Commentary on the Shama’il Muhammadiya:

‘The Shama’il’ as it is affectionately known, is a collection of 396 narrations that purely focus on the personal characteristics of the messenger of God, Muhammed, peace be upon him. Here you will learn about him as a person – his appearance, manners, personality, characteristics, dress, family life – narrations that make him come alive and develop your relationship with the beloved of God.

3. ILLUMINED WAY Workshop:

Audio and video recordings of our first whole day workshop on Islamic Cosmology which was conducted as a 3.5 hr Zoom international meeting are now available. The book launch for the Qabas series which was conducted as a separate session and containing readings and explanations of Qabas poetry is also available.

4. One-on-One:

If anyone is interested in one-on-one lessons with Dr. Zahir, please contact us. These can be conducted online or arrangements can be discussed for living and studying with Shaykah at her current location.

5. Arabic classes:

Our talented Irfa’a member Arabic teacher, a graduate of the Cairo Institute of Languages, Ms. Nehal Fouad is available for private or group online classes. She is currently based in Europe and we will put you in touch with her so you can pursue arrangements to learn classical and spoken Arabic.

6. Book a talk:

Dr. Zahir is available for speaking engagements. Please contact us if you would like to book her to deliver a talk, in person or online, on topics related to Islamic cosmology, spirituality, Islamic history and the relationship of science/genomics to spirituality.