Message for Laylathul Mi'raj 1443 - Feb 28th 2022

Written by Dr. Farah Zahir | Published 2 years ago

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah, peace be with you all,

As we watch the rapdily unfolding very serious world events, we are reminded to give thanks to Allah SWT that we also have the blessing of laylathul mi'raj coming to us - it is a time not to be missed for it contains great potency to raise in your closeness to Allah SWT. This is the foundation from which all your contributions and work in the external work will flow, and that which will keep your internal heart and mind in safety, soundness, purity and strength.

Due to this situation, I have recorded a short video that contains my recommendations for dhikr/awrad for this special day/night. Here is the link to that.

Here is the link to the playlist on the commentary of the hadith collection 'Al-Anwar al-Bahiyya min Isra’ wa-Mi’raj Khayr al-Bariyya by Sayyid Muhammad Ibn Alawi al-Maliki.

I hope you can watch the video in time, and I pray to Allah SWT to grant us all tawfeeq so we may succeed in our goals of ibadah for this blessed time.

May the light of our beloved Master Muhammed sallalaahu alaihi wasallaam continue to shine strongly in your hearts, guide you and strengthen you and draw you ever closer to Allah SWT.


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